Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll landed on the scene as the runner up on popular TV program Australian Idol in 2003. Over the past decade he has continued with a string of success, winner of the MTV awards, aria nomination, numerous and consistent chart toping hits to name but a few. Most impressively his combined album and single sales have reached over 1.3 million! He’s latest release was in June this year, a single: We Only Live Once. MouthZoff scored a very brief moment in time to ask the man himself about his next moves!

G : So whats with the new album… is it out yet?

S : Nah, not yet mate! I’ve written it but I keep doin more writing
cause you never know.

We have enough songs there to put an album out, got about 25 songs
there but I am gonna keep writing as well and see what comes.
If nothin comes, I am happy with what I got, but you
never know.

G : Wow! It’s a good start isn’t it!

S : Yeah mate!

G : As far as touring goes what’s the plan?

S : Well this is just the first leg, mate, on the back of the single. So
when the next single or album comes out there will be a bigger
one and then another one at the start of next year around March or
somethin’….Yeah, so we have 3 legs lined up, you know.

G : I noticed there’s a bit of time between tour dates?

S : Yeah, well it’s me missus B’day, so I’m takin her and the
family away to an island for 7 days…
Haven’t had an actual holiday for 3years, I’m always travelin’.

G : Yes you’re always on the go, but not as a family unit? How are the kids doin?

S : Yeah that’s right..! Yeah alright, they’re really good and I’m lovin it..!!