Set The Record – Upstairs at 199

Set The Record – Upstairs at 199

Saturday 12th April – Article and Pics by Ben Knight

The threat of ‘all ages’ usually has me running in the opposite direction, but today i was in the mood for a punt. The opportunity to catch Set the Record Upstairs at 199 was what got me over the line.

Set the record

Immediately I was in over my head though, finding out through Twitter (thank god i have finally worked it out) that plans had changed: “no more show in the park, straight to venue for some pics and a chat”. Sweet as.Set the record

Set the record
Set the record

Set the record

Set the record Set the record

What occurred to me on arriving is that most people would have no idea the amount of work that goes into setting up for a one hour show. Mountains for gear was trudged up the steps, everything methodically put into place (on one of the smallest stages i have ever seen), sounds tests done over and over again, and merch organised. All this was carried out in a very orderly fashion and everyone chipped in.

Set the record

I got an opportunity to catch up with Bec McCall (guitarist and self-professed mother of the band) before the gig.

“We started off pop punk but for the last EP we are moved closer to pop than a heavier sound. Ian (Collins) has a real pop focus and he writes all the good songs (laughs). He has a strong music theory background and idolises Zac Hanson, leading to that more pop focused sound.”

Bec loves the opportunity to play in front of younger crowds due to the connection that they have with the band and the music. “Kids really get into it and are actually there for the music.” Bec goes on to say that the band are very passionate about the music they play and it makes it all the more special when you can play in front for crowds that are there to listen.

Set The Record currently use Footstomp for their publicity, but most of what they do is all self driven. Bec explains that all of the band have the drive to make the band a success and would love the opportunity spend more time making and playing music.

“The main aim is to make this the only thing we do.”

She explains that they we really happy to sell out today’s show as it feels like it is harder to get kids out to shows in Brisbane. There are a few venues that are supporting the under 18s scene like Club 199 and The Lab but there is room for more.

Bec believes that there is a good opportunity for the band to do something special but still unsure of the magic formula that sets you off.

“At the moment we just want to keep playing shows and working hard and hopefully get the opportunity to play in front of the right people who can take us all the way”.

I have to admit, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the band and their genre is not at the top of my lists. ┬áBut … I really liked the show.

The band had a real close connection with the crowd: the lead singer, Jarrad Lindsey, pacing around the area in front of stage, the two guitarists standing up on platforms above other members of the band, and a tight pop punk sound emanating around the room. Bec was right about the young ones loving the band. Hypnotic swaying and absolute fixation on the happenings.

I left feeling pretty good about the day and might even open the door for more all ages madness in the future … maybe.

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