REVIEW – Ash Grunwald

REVIEW – Ash Grunwald

RANDY G & GRAEME PLENTER catch one of the last gigs at Rock Central (Bramble Bay Bowls Club)

It was as a fabulous concept and just what the peninsula needed. Dan from Bam Bam Management collaborated with Bramble Bay Bowls Club to create a new home for rock music – Rock Central, which created some awesome events and brought some fantastic acts to the coast. Though this was to be one of the last shows hosted by this venue (that’s a topic for another article) this night was no exception, as we were treated to a thumping performance by Ash Grunwald.

As I waded through the small ocean of humanity that had turned out to watch Ash, I couldn’t help but notice how rad the crowd was! Redcliffe locals might not be use to many compliments, but this crew wasn’t too shabby at all. Great vibe, totally pumped for the show.

Finally, the time came and Ash stepped out on the stage, receiving a roar of a welcome as the fans all surged closer to him. Wielding a guitar, he took his seat atop a cajon doubling as the stool to a much gutsier bass drum and foot pedal. Never having seen Ash perform before, I was impressed at how competent and complete his performances are as a solo artist. He started off playing the guitar while accompanying himself with a crazy deep drum beat that could not only be felt in all four corners of the club- but every tonsil, kidney and partially functioning liver in a 2km radius (perhaps my only gripe with the evening). After the opening number Ash took a few moments to chat and jest with the audience, connecting a little before breaking into song again. I was loving it.

Over the years it’s become quite clear that ‘blues’ is very welcome in Queensland and if it’s Rock/Blues- well that’s even better. Someone like Ash Grunwald needn’t worry bout much, he is so well received and watching his polished performance, his intricate guitar skills, his thumping beats, his bursting energy and that sometimes sultry, sometimes gruff-blues voice, it was the recipe for a great musical night at Rock Central.