MouthZoff Talks To Tiger Street

MouthZoff Talks To Tiger Street

Interview/story by Matt Thrower

Photography supplied

With a band name like Tiger Street and a new CD entitled Applewood Lane, one could be forgiven thinking this Ipswich outfit are a little preoccupied with street names.

The truth is a little less OCD – Tiger Street is named after the Ipswich location in which the collective first gathered to create music, while Applewood Lane is the converted church studio the band recorded their seven new songs. As one of the last recordings made here before previous owner and production mastermind Magoo handed the property over to new owners, Applewood Lane is a rather fitting way to say goodbye to this fabled location.

It’s also a great way for listeners to say hello to Tiger Street. Two members, bassist Ken Weaver and drummer Chris Andrews, meet your narrator at (fittingly) a cosy little café in Ipswich – Cactus Espresso Bar, also where the group will be launching their CD on Friday, December 12.

A previous EP was released in the band’s name and it was a rather lo-fi affair, with some material even recorded on mobile phones as birds twittered carefree in the background.

“Yes, this is definitely a more high-fidelity take on our sound,” Ken says about the new recordings. “But at the same time, we were trying to get as much of a live sound as possible. Even when we were just putting the rhythm section down, the whole band would play together to give it that live energy.”

Chris agrees.

“I think this is a fairly good representation of what a Tiger Street live show is like,” he says. “Even when just the bass and drums were recorded, it was possible to faintly make out the other instruments bleeding through, which adds a certain space to the songs.”

Tiger Street’s Applewood Lane is out now. They will be launching the disc at Solidarity Külture Club, Cactus Espresso Bar on Friday, December 12. For more information, check out