MouthZoff talks to Second Affair

MouthZoff talks to Second Affair


SECOND AFFAIR are a five-piece rock band from Brisbane boasting a collection of infectious songs and powerful live shows. Having recently released their first album, featuring their single “Driving Blindly”, the band are quickly gaining a strong following.

I was lucky enough to catch the boys perform live at the Narangba Valley Tavern on Saturday 14th June. The venue was packed from wall to wall with fans of all ages, most of whom were sporting Second Affair t-shirts. Their set list ranged from pop-rock, to power ballads, to that classic rock sound we all know and love. They played on through the night punching out catchy melodies one after the other and throwing a few iconic Aussie rock covers in there just for good measure.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the band after their two hour show to ask them a few questions:.

Story by Peter Muldoon
Photography by Graeme Plenter

How long have you been playing together for?
As Second Affair it would be coming up to 3 years now, but some of us have been playing together for a lot longer than that in various other bands or duos.

What are some of your musical influences?
We have such a vast array of influences, ranging from John Farnham to AC/DC and KISS, as well as bands like Powderfinger, INXS and the Charm City Devils.

What are you currently working on?
We are currently back in our happy place, aka the studio, working on some new tracks for our follow up album and as it stands album number two is looking to be bigger and better.

How do you set out about your creative song-writing process?
For the most part someone comes to rehearsal with a riff, partial song or a complete song and we each add our own touch to it. For the better part of the songs we like to keep them simple in terms of music with the addition of great melodies and killer harmonies.

What is the glue in your band?
I guess it is the fact that we are all great mates outside of the band. We were basically two bands that have come together to form Second Affair and it just worked so well from day one because we all have a common goal and the drive to push that goal into a reality.

What is your most memorable moment as a band?
Tonight. We had one of the best crowed reactions we have ever experienced. You know are you doing something right when the entire crowd is singing along to all of your songs.

What is the weirdest thing to happen to you during a live show?
We haven’t really had anything ‘weird’ happen, but I guess it would be tonight when both guitars and the bass broke strings almost simultaneously. Another was when Chris put his foot through his kick drum and brought out the acoustics to finish the set.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Absolutely! We all have a shot of the dirtiest and cheapest tequila we can find. I guess you could say that it ‘pumps us up’ for the show.

Do you have anything you’d like to ‘mouth off’ about?
Definitely. Because we have such a big sound in a lot of our songs we find it increasingly hard to adhere to decibel limits. Not saying that we are a ‘loud’ band, but a lot of venues have an incredibly low decibel limit, which makes it hard to give our fans the ‘full experience’ of our live shows. Raise the dB limit guys!!

What is next for Second Affair?
Since we have found our sound we are really excited about what is ahead for us. A new album with a fantastic producer, new film clip and hopefully an east coasttour later this year.

If there is one band to keep an eye on this year it is definitely Second Affair. These guys are nothing less than a professional outfit with a musicianship not often seen by today’s acts. Their songs are sure to be taking over the airwaves of Brisbane before we know it.

You can catch Second Affair again at the Narangba Valley Tavern on 2nd August and 1st November or at the Redcliffe Kite Festival on 7th September. Their album is available through iTunes and GooglePlay.