MouthZoff Talks To Ladi Abundance Project

MouthZoff Talks To Ladi Abundance Project

Interview By Randy G

MouthZoff had a candid chat to the band leader/singer/song writer ‘Ladi Abundance’ about the year that’s slipped by and the next 12 months looming!

You’re playing at Woodford this year! How many spots will you play?
We play 5 times, all late night sets… We seem to be this years resident party band. This also includes the count down on New Years Eve!

Wow, this sounds like a big opportunity for LAP? We’re all feeling really excited about it and I hope this will expose us to a fresh audience and lead us to play at more festivals like Woodford.

Q:You have a lot of substance behind your music. Tell me a little about your music, it’s main vibe?

A: It stands for a few things, depending on the song of course. Some songs I just write to help myself understand or deal with a particular situation. Sometimes I feel like I discover more about myself and life through spirituality and then I feel moved to share these new learnings, through song. I’ve also written some songs about society ‘Take Another Trip’ and the state of the planet. I want to be a voice for women to stand in their power, for people to grow within themselves, to encourage love and kindness and healing for humanity and the planet. I recently wrote a song called, Here is Our Future, after swimming in the devastatingly polluted ocean in Bali. This track has both a ferocity and fragility.