MouthZoff Talks To Fat Baxter

MouthZoff Talks To Fat Baxter

Kylie Cobb had a quick chat with the winners of Brisbane’s 2014 Archive Untapped Band Competition

Tell us about the band comp you just won.
We launched into it with no real expectations and really just tried to have fun. Almost half of our songs were new and I think once the initial nerves were over we could enjoy playing all the new material and bouncing off the audience’s energy.

Last gig you went to?
It was meant to be Mos Def at Woolly Mammoth but he bailed so I guess it would be Listen Out festival – Zhu was definitely a stand out.

Whose music career are you following closely at the moment?
Probably Royal Blood – it’s awesome to see some in-your-face riff rock taking the world by storm.

Brisbane band to watch? (Besides you of course)
Brisbane has so many great bands so it’s hard to pick a standalone. Our mates from Capre are definitely ones to keep an eye out for – they’re coming up with some really fresh and exciting electronic/hip-hop tunes.

Most rock n roll moment so far?
Haha well it’s still pretty modest. Probably playing Lock’n’Load on a packed Saturday night to a really receptive audience and having a pineapple bestowed upon us from an adoring fan.

First album you bought (be honest!!)
I’m actually proud of this one… although I must admit it wasn’t an informed decision. It was (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? by Oasis – as suggested by a friend’s older brother.

Tell us one of your band rituals.
Rehearsal followed by fiercely competitive rounds of FIFA.

What’s coming up for you guys?
We’re releasing our debut single San Francisco City Guide and recording. We’ve been road testing a handful of songs for ages and can’t wait to get back into the studio.

Best thing about the music industry at the moment?
I’m not sure. I guess advances in technology have allowed greater access to music, especially for smaller artists.

It seems as though there are a lot of really great musos out there that are struggling. Earlier this year Violent Soho’s guitarist was applying for a job at Maccas on the same day the band was nominated for an ARIA… although maybe those days have passed for them now!

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