MouthZoff talks to Bec Laughton

MouthZoff talks to Bec Laughton

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Bec recently won the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Young & Emerging Artist sponsorship – a $15,000 grant, which is paying her way to work in New York City next month. Congratulations, Bec!

Story by Angie Everingham

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Bec Laughton is one of those charming young women who when you first chat with her, you feel like you’ve known her for years. There’s a definite air of grace about her, but it was her sense of excitement and energy that jumped right down the phone at me. She’s obviously thrilled about living her dream and the future ahead of her is about as bright as the lights of New York City itself, where she will soon be visiting and working. But for now she’s wrapping up a successful tour back home which has seen her visit cities right across Australia.

She’d just arrived home in Brisbane from Western Australia the night before we spoke, saying it was the best part of the tour so far. She loved playing to a packed house in Freemantle (which is always a bonus for any artist!) and had a great time performing at Settler’s Tavern in Margaret River, especially after sampling the delicious local wines!

Bec reported the crowds there were amazing. One night, they were partying, and having a great time, and she wanted to do a slow song from the set list, so she asked everyone to hold onto the person they were with, and she started to sing, and when she opened her eyes, she could see everyone had formed a big circle and were really getting into the song, hugging each other and having a moment …

“The Aviary” in Perth was another stand out show; on a gorgeous rooftop venue, with a fun crowd of people. Bec also raved about the support band who toured with her; ‘they were a great bunch of guys, and had a lot of fun’. What’s not to love?!

The tour is about to wrap up in Melbourne – Bec’s birth city, and one of her favourite destinations. Bendigo on Friday night is the last stop this time round, and Bec will stay on and spend some time in Melbourne for a few days afterwards.

Then there’s some much deserved downtime for 3 weeks before heading to New York City in August…and she wants to ‘smash out’ a bunch of songs between now & then. She’s working hard at being more disciplined with her song writing, saying the creative process is ‘always difficult’ for her, but shared that she usually writes the lyrics and music together, and prefers to write about what’s going on in and a round her life at the time.

As a talented drummer, Bec also enjoys playing with beats, and loves to start an upbeat song with a cool groove and see where it goes from there…

She’s one of those brave (if not slightly crazy?!?) artists who sometimes loves to call out to the crowd for words/lyrics in a live audience, and will make up a song from the words she hears. Recently, when playing live in Brisbane, she did just that and the words shouted out from the crowd were “chicken” and “running”. So she set about making up a song on the spot, introducing it with “Ok, here’s my song called ‘Running Chicken’.”

Bec told me she really enjoys the personal experience of interacting with a live crowd, and loves playing & making up songs in that setting. This obviously has its roots in her jazz background – she’s comfortable with improvisation and uses it to her advantage on stage!

Bec studied Jazz at the Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane, with a Major in Jazz Voice. “In music, you can just learn by jumping into it; it doesn’t always have to be formal study”, she said. But it’s worked well for Bec, who recently won the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Young & Emerging Artist sponsorship – a $15,000 grant, which is paying her way to work in New York City next month. Congratulations!

Bec announced she will have the privilege of working with Grammy award winning artist, Michael League (from Snarky Puppy) while in New York City. League, who recently won the Grammy award for “Best R & B Performance”, will work with Bec to write & record two new songs. No wonder she is so excited! About half her month in NYC this August will be working in the studio, and half will be spent networking and being a tourist in the Big Apple. Back in Brisbane, Bec now performs at some of the bigger shows & festivals “It’s just great! I’m happy to say the days of small pubs & clubs are over…”

She recently supported 70’s classic disco band Bony M at Twin Towns & Eaton’s Hill Tavern, and said they were “awesome!” and she raved about Eaton’s Hill Tavern as a local venue. September sees Bec hit the stage at the Sunshine Coast’s ‘Peregian Originals Festival’ and for everything else Ms Laughton, you can get connected with her on Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler & YouTube. Her passion for life & music is infectious! Check her out on YouTube and like me, you’ll be lining up to see her live sometime soon.

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