LIVE REVIEW: Thirsty Merc

LIVE REVIEW: Thirsty Merc

Review and Photography
by Lauren Brodie
Mick O’Malleys, Brisbane Saturday Oct 31

It’s a Friday night and I headed off to Mick O’Malley’s (one of our favourite places to hold a gig) in the Queen st Mall, anticipating a small intimate little gig with Thirsty Merc. I’ve been particularly looking forward to seeing them as they are home grown favorites, being one of Australia’s iconic bands.

From the bar, the stage seemd fairly small but I’m pleased to report the atmosphere was the complete opposite and what started out as a small dedicated group quickly culminated into a large crowd of die hard fans. Then starts the chant “Thirsty Merc, Thirsty Merc” which echoed round the room as anticipation grew. When emotions were finally at an all time high, the band casually progressed to the stage and there wasn’t a dull moment after that. Evidence of this was expressed by some of the fans standing on the tables and chairs to ensure a better line of view.

I found it really refreshing to see the band interacting with the audience as if they knew every individual personally. The smiles on their faces were consistent all night and not a single person could resist smiling right back! I have to say, I enjoy a band ten times more when I can see that they truly want to be there.

I caught the first glimpse of a double bass and this had me wondering what more was in store for us tonight? The soulful Rai Thistlewaite singing away on his guitar is such a familiar sound and he had the audience fully pumped. His performance was seemingly faultless and left us all a bit gaga!

A little deeper into the performance and now every single person present is singing along loudly to each song on offer. A big highlight of the evening was how everyone got stuck into ‘Someday” and “The Hard Way.” But all in all the entire evening was fantastic from beginning to end, one that I will remember for a long time to come. Many thanks to Thirsty Merc for reinvigorating my love of Australian music.