Live Review: Reichelt at The Zoo

Live Review: Reichelt at The Zoo

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REICHELT at The Zoo – Friday, 12th June 2014

Story by Peter Muldoon
Photography by Lauren Brodie

It started out as a typical Thursday night at The Zoo on 12th June and I had the privilege of reviewing an artist called Reichelt. I had recently acquired his latest album and upon listening to it was unable to pigeon hole his music into any pre-existing genre. This made tonight all the more exciting, not knowing what to expect from this live show. There were quite a few people in the venue tonight and it seemed as though they were all here for Reichelt.

Tonight singer-songwriter Luke Reichelt brings with him his full band with Daniel Hitzke on the drums, Michael Gillingwater on bass and his producer Guy Cooper on keys. As part of the show each member is wearing a plague doctor mask, not to fear off any bad air tonight, but rather to inspire and perhaps treat us, their patients, to a show unlike any other.

The first song starts off slow and I find myself drawn into the sound. The masks cover any facial expression which gives the act a sombre feel , which to me lets the music speak for itself. Thoughts enter your mind such as “what is this I am experiencing right now?”, soon followed by “this is something else!”. The first song comes to an end and Luke introduces himself and the band right before leading into his very own version of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games” – one of the better covers I have heard for a while. The set continues with ambient tunes lead strongly by synth and taking me on a journey I was not at all expecting.

The music is so tight that you forget you are watching four individuals on stage. The masks become mesmerising as I find myself immersed in the music and just as you think the journey is coming to an end there is something else there to draw you back in. The middle of the set contained a few rockier songs, of which were my favourite of the night as they were driven more by drums and guitar, and as the show was coming to an end Reichelt reminded us all of how it began by finishing off with a few more ambient tunes.

Reichelt classifies himself as folk metal, but I am not sure I agree. If I had to explain their sound it would be a mix of Tool ‘s lighter anthems, The Church’s emotive guitar and vocals and the all-too familiar sounds of Aphex Twin. Overall it was a great performance by an artist we should all be keeping a close eye on. His latest album “Books on Tape” is currently available on iTunes and at


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