LIVE REVIEW – Phil Barlow & the Wolf

LIVE REVIEW – Phil Barlow & the Wolf

LIVE REVIEW – Phil Barlow and the Wolf at The Beetle Bar

Review by Jasmine Gailer

Photography by Kylie Cobb

Jasmine Gailer wished she was Red Riding Hood following Phil Barlow & The Wolf’s single launch at Brisbane’s Beetle Bar.

The words ‘for the love of music’ popped into my head on Saturday evening as I drove home from the thumping performance by Phil Barlow & The Wolf at The Beetle Bar in Brisbane. People say if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life. Well the proof was in the proverbial pudding on Saturday night when this four-piece rock/blues band stole the show like Butch Cassidy on a midnight train with an intense, passionate performance.

Following strong openers by The Royales, Don & The Mobsters and newcomers, Electric Suede, Phil Barlow & The Wolf demanded attention from the first note. The band played an hour-long set of mostly new tracks with a few favourites from their Phoenix Rising album. The band started strong and hard with Hit the Road and drew the mingling crowd straight to the front and centre. A quickly captivated audience were treated to a run of robust rock/blues tracks that forced our limbs to move and created an overwhelming urge to “yewp yewp yeeeoowl!!” at the end of every song.