Live Review – Casey Fogg Album Launch

Live Review – Casey Fogg Album Launch

Greg Elkenhans- Casey Fogg -The Globe-3687

CASEY FOGG – “Bleeding Hearts” Album Launch
New Globe Theatre – Friday 30th May 2014

Story by: Xavier Soul
Photography by Greg Elkenhans

After a long road of production with a few speed bumps along the way and a last minute venue and drummer change, we are finally here at the New Globe Theatre to witness the official Brisbane launch of Casey Fogg’s album “Bleeding Hearts”. Recently returning from Darwin, this was her first originals gig to be played back in her home town of Brisbane with her full band.

Walking into the venue I’m excited by the large number of people gathered in the foyer. Unfortunately only a handful of them are here for the album launch. In no time the crowd had dispersed and I couldn’t help but wander into the theatre next door where they had now congregated. Lo and behold, another live show was taking place… or was it? A cacophony of random film footage played on the large screen while someone stood at a turntable pressing the occasional button or two. I did not stick around long for this as it is not at my scene and I honestly felt that the ‘real music’ was taking place in the room Casey Fogg was in tonight.

First to take to the stage was Brisbane singer-songwriter Steve Dorrington and wow, what a voice! Busting straight into a set of original acoustic tracks, each worthy of instant airplay, his tunes filled the room and allowed everyone to forget about the day’s work and settle in for a Friday night in the valley. This was a great performance by a talented and humble artist who we’ll be seeing a lot more of, that’s for sure.

Next up were local rockers Red on Red, although I am not sure we can still call them “local” as they have spent half of their music career in the USA where they have received airplay among many other accolades. These guys are a well-rehearsed band that know their stuff. Their professional and charismatic stage presence matched their music, which for me was a mix of Paramore, Foo Fighters and Kelly Clarkson. Their set was energetic from start to finish and there were a few people walk in from the show next door.

The room had begun to fill as Casey Fogg was about to hit the stage. Her band tonight consisted of seen-before veterans Peter Muldoon on guitar, Kevin Browne (also the producer of the album) on bass and newcomer Nick Molvalis, who apparently only had a week to learn the set due to a last minute change of drummers – very impressive!

The set started strong and most of the crowd were familiar with the tunes, singing along where they could. The second song in was the title track and single from the album “Bleeding Hearts”. Nick’s drumming was flawless, as though he’d been playing these tracks his whole life and the band gelled perfectly.

Something was different this time round, though. Rather than the usual Maton acoustic, Casey was instead sporting her new electric guitar – something not yet seen on the stages of Brisbane as this was something she purchased right before her move to Darwin. This complimented Peter’s unique playing style, allowing him to push those tricky guitar solos just a little more than before. As the night progressed Casey Fogg churned out all her great original tracks, one after the other, with her band exserting the talent and professionalism capable of backing any major solo act.

In true form, Casey left the best until last, retiring her guitar for the last few songs as the band stepped it up a notch. These were by far the rockiest song of the set and the playing was more intense than before. At one point Peter took full advantage of his wireless setup, jumping off stage and rocking out with the crowd below. No one expected this act of spontaneity, which made it all the more exciting. The night ended on a high with a classic rock anthem ending and the crowd cheering like crazy.

On the whole this show was a great success and was proof that Casey Fogg is back in Brisbane and ready to take this amazing city by storm once again.


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