LAUNCH PAD – Sarah Robinson

LAUNCH PAD – Sarah Robinson

Video Director Smashes Awards

Acknowledged 5 times for her inherent Innovation in the Music Film Industry

2014 Awards
Best Innovation
Best Hip Hop Music Video
Best Queensland Music Video
Best Metal Video
Judges Commendations

Awarded Music Videos

She makes a killer music video from Hip-Hop through to Metal. Sarah Robinson is Film Director at Tall Poppy Productions, sharing her creative ideas through producing clips for local independent music artists. As a film and television masters graduate from Bond University working in Video Production for over 10 years, she has just been acknowledged five times for her inherent innovation in the music industry.

The award ceremony was held at the Australian National Library of Canberra and presented on the 29th of November, 2014. This is the second year in a row that Sarah has been awarded through the Independent Music Video Awards, taking out Production Company of the Year and Best Instrumental Award with her work on ‘Virulence’ by Cause In Affect in 2013. Although these awards are not yet recognised by the film industry or by the music industry, the organiser Kelvin Fahey is a huge supporter of independent artists and works tirelessly to make the awards ceremony a great success. This year there were over 1000 entries, 75 finalists, and 65 awards given out on the night, with just under 40 awards going to Australian members.

Sarah was one of two Australian females whose works were awarded at the Australian Independent Music Video Awards. Kicking goals for women in the film industry, the ceremony saw her take home five of the nine she was nominated for. Sarah stated:

“It was a huge night for Tall Poppy, and myself personally. To have all of our hard work recognised both Nationally and Internationally was truly an amazing opportunity and we are all very thrilled. Kelvin gives Australian filmmakers a chance to network and to come together with our true source of inspiration, supporting local musicians in their states.”

The awards give recognition to members of the music and film industry on a global scale, with categories including Best Australian and International Music Video for each genre. Representing Tall Poppy Productions and their artists, Sarah received awards for: Best Hip-Hop Music Video; Best Innovation; Best Metal Music Video; Best Queensland Music Video; and a Judges Commendation. (Full list of awards here)

Artists who Sarah worked with include Brisbane based, Blaq Carrie, Fat Picnic, Cause in Affect and Gold Coasts, The Vultures. There is no doubt that Sarah has put in all her efforts to support local musicians with Tall Poppy Productions and the art of music videos; being a crucial element of advertising for a band.

Best Queensland Music Video
Best Hip-Hip Music Video
Let There Be Hope – Blaq Carrie (Brisbane, Aus)

Best Innovation
Shot Me Down – The Vultures (Brisbane, Aus)

Best Metal Music Video
Nauthiz – Cause in Affect (Brisbane, Aus)

Judges Commendation
Takin’ You On – Fat Picnic (Brisbane, Aus)