MouthZoff talks to Julia Rose

MouthZoff talks to Julia Rose

MouthZoff had a chat with the recently crowned Performer of the Year at the 2014 Pride Awards!

Julia Rose Pride Awards (Custom)Hi Julia, 

You released your second solo EP “Stairway to the moon” in 2013, tell us a tale of the process you went through to produce it?

Stairway to the Moon was our 2nd EP – the songs themselves had been written over a 2 yr period when I had relocated from Broome to Kingscliff to Melbourne to Brisbane and ultimately to the Gold coast… The transitions of which incited the inspiration for an outpouring of creativity…so as and I was aching to get these songs onto a record – Guy Cooper my producer finally pinned me down long enough to record what became STAIRWAY to the Moon. I had finally written a soundtrack to the personal journey of that time in my life – a catharsis of sorts.
Do you regularly perform and collaborate with your kinsfolk, Claire Cottone (CC the Cat), Louise Cottone?

Is music a family affair?

CC and I have been playing and performing together for most of our adulthood in various acts such as BERTHA CONTROL, CC THE CAT, JULIA ROSE, as well as our lesser known collaboration THE FLYING COTTONES with lil’ sister Louise Cottone. The 3 of us have been sharing musical space since we sang around the piano together as Von Trapp Family wannabes.


Where and when were you as a musician made? Does it run in the veins or did you stumble across a guitar in someone else’s backyard?

Music is indeed in my blood courtesy of both sides of the gene pool! I stumbled my way through piano and saxophone for 15 yrs before I was bought a nylon stringed guitar for senior graduation – however it wasn’t until I bought my first bass guitar – a $200 crimson red Yamaha- that my true affiliation with melodious rhythmic grooves and songwriting was realized….it was then I started my first band.


What do you love to do other than play music?

There is nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with my canines and hitting the beach….oh and a good meal comes a close second!


You have an amazing capacity for storytelling through song, could you please describe how you use storytelling in your music and why it is important to your genre of music?

There is timelessness in relating to others’ human emotions. In my experiences of being on the road and interacting with folk of all walks of life there appears common themes that course through our lives and as such shared feelings that allow people to relate to each other above and beyond individual differences. Life is a journey and these soundtracks are my story.


Are there any great Aussie folk tales or folk songs that speak to your own music?

Artists Mia Dyson & Liz Stringer are great Aussie artists whose music & tales I’ve found great comfort & joy in.

It takes guts to decide to pursue an artist’s life. How would you describe your own approach to that choice?

Balance?! A mix of creative artistry, late nights, full gigging weekends, and a full-time job on weekdays….hectic!!! Support from my partner and band mates…essential!


What would you like to see more of in the live music scene on the Gold Coast? What can live music lovers do to get venues to book you?

More venues that showcase original, live music….and that are willing to pay well for it. If you’re a live music lover it is essential to show up! Local people need to support local performers! As music lover and performer there is nothing more fun than a packed room!!!

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