Fun Machine – Trainspotters Gig

Fun Machine – Trainspotters Gig









Photos and review by Ben Knight

Fun Machine

This is what music is all about: crazy costumes, confident performers, and of course FUN.

Fun Machine embody positive role models for anyone coming through the arts entertainment scene. I got a chance to hang out with the dudes before the show and captured some amazing images of one of the greatest shows I have seen all year.

“The thing that we have flowing through the band is the positive body image message… we want to portray a positive role models for fans” Bec Tayor from Fun Machine explains. “We are very happy to take of clothes and whatever on stage…and just give it everything”. The multi instrumentalist and part of the self proclaimed ‘tin foil sex pop’ group loves everything about performing and enjoys the idea that they can all let it all hang out in the face of societies “pent up anxieties about body image”.

The new album ‘Bodies On’  continues in the vein of  portraying a positive body image in which in the band experiment with a large range of music genres in a “very celebratory style of music”.

Fun Machine are not constrained by any one musical genre and with three song writers in the band cannot be confined to any one style. According to Bec, “Jungle Korean beat pop can be a good way to explain our music, but my all time favourite would have to be the time someone called us a Gay Punk Bad, probably due to the amount of glitter we go through every week. We wear lots of glittery stuff on stage”.

The band need to be quite adaptive in order to change into costumes at each gig, which is proved through their change room for the night: surrounded by punters in The Grand Central pokies room. They have such an amazing sense of camaraderie; everyone helps out with the intricate preparations.

Fun Machine Fun Machine Fun Machine

Showtime comes, and Fun Machine launch into their set marching through the pub’s door for a bit of interpretive dance. The band take their places and the real fun begins. Not sure if it’s the energy from the dance moves, the swapping around of instruments or just the amazing rock punk sound, but everyone at Trainspotters tonight is into the groove.

The band fly through some new tracks and hold true with their promise of having the most fun I have seen in a long time from a band. These guys really know how to hold a room! Expect big things to come over the next few years from Fun Machine. Leaving with a spring in my step tonight!

Fun Machine

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