Dallas Frasca Interview

Dallas Frasca Interview

by Ian Pix


You would find it hard to find anyone so dedicated to the world of Rock and Roll than front women Dallas Frasca. Dallas is the singer, guitarist, songwriter for the band of the same name whose career kicked off in 2006 when they won triple j’s ‘Light Your Fuse’ competition.

Since then that have gone on to win a swoon of awards including a third for their song “All My Love” in the AAA category of the International Songwriting Competition with over 16,000 entries and judged by Ozzy Osbourne, Tori Amos, Janelle Monae, Tom Waits, Basement Jaxx. Dallas Frasca are back working hard on their new album that front Women Dallas explains as “sonically huge”.

If you have had the pleasure of catching this reckless three piece tear up the stage it makes perfect sense. Her growling voice, the power of the guitars, and the passionate, soulful lyrics combine to create a rocked out blues sound that blows every audience out of the water. The great news is that Brisbane will get two opportunities to see them in action over the following year both at the Alhambra Lounge in April and at the Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival later in the year.

Dallas is has amazing stage presence and a true rock and roll image to match.

“I think a crowd can sniff a lie from a mile away, you’ll find no pretenders in this band. The boys pretty much wear no clothes on stage, so what, that’s them (laughs). Jeff grew up on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast (not many top half wearers up there) and didn’t even wear shoes to school, and I remember the first jam we had with Zane over a year ago, all he had on was his tiny little shorts and that was it, I knew straight away he would fit in pretty well with that outfit. This is who we are, we love to rock our arses off on stage, doesn’t matter what you look like.”

Even over the phone this woman exudes rock and roll. Passionate is not strong enough a word to describe the desire she has for the industry as she romanticises different rock memories she would love to come back into fashion. “I love that old footage of Pink Floyd, a time when music meant amazing things to people and imagery was so focused on the feeling from the music”.

Her songs and band are her life and she lives and breathes the industry. Which may be the reason why fans (including John Butler amongst many of the music community) help raise almost $22,000 for their recent crowd-funding campaign that will enable the band to record and release their new album ‘Love Army’ due out mid 2014.

“ The really awesome thing about what we do is being able to create music that we want to make. We have no one looking over our shoulder, dictating what sort of songs we should be writing, we will never fall into trends in fear of ‘not being played on the radio’, we create art that we are channelled and born to nothing otherwise and because we know at the end of the day, we have you guys that help us”.

Dallas explains the force behind the new record. “We have a number of themes throughout the new album ‘Love Army’ due out mid 2014), but our new single “‘Lizard Boy’ is a politically charged beast and the collective consciousness of the entire band aligned. We decided to release ‘Lizard Boy’ a little earlier than we planned, as it is so relevant about our current political climate. This song is a voice for the people, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like we are being misrepresented with many of the present issues we are facing in this country.”

I had the pleasure of seeing the band at last year’s Mitchell Creek Rock and Blues Festival. Dallas has a lot of respect for the organiser’s which again see her back at the event in September. She explains,

“Mitchell Creek has a really special vibe and we were honoured to be a part of this unique festival. There’s something to be said for, ‘people can look after themselves’. There was the biggest bon fire I had ever scene glowing on the horizon as we drove into the festival, smack bang in the middle. After our show, the music kicked off around the bonny, all night, old school style… I think the core vibe of a festival comes down to the organisers, it resonates there are some good ones behind this one. Looking forward to coming back again this year.”

They head out on the road this week to celebrate the release with their ROCK F#@KING ROLL tour. More info dallasfrasca.com/tours

Listen to ‘Lizard Boy’: https://soundcloud.com/dallasfrasca/lizard-boy from their forthcoming third independent album, Love Army.

Follow the adventures on facebook.com/dallasfrasca