CD REVIEW – CC The Cat – Inna Babylon Jungle

CD REVIEW – CC The Cat – Inna Babylon Jungle

CC The Cat – Inna Babylon Jungle

For anyone that enjoys reggae, jazz, lounge, hip hop, disco, dubstep and thrash metal, this album is for you. Ok, I lied about the trash metal but for some reason, this album appealed to every one of my music genre senses at the same time.

With very sweet and well put together vocals, smooth bass and Ron Burgundy jazz flute, this is a record you can listen to over and over again. There is such a strong undertone of Sting and The Police meets Bob Marley that makes me realise this should have happened sooner. And this chick absolutely nails it.

It was difficult for me to pick a standout track because I seriously enjoyed every single one of them (a complete rarity)! Although, the opening track ‘Concrete Jungle’ sits nicely at the start of the album so maybe that’s my favourite.

If you’ve never heard of this girl, do yourself a favour and change that. You won’t be disappointed.
By Jim Corrigan